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Husker Du - 21-06-1987 London, Town and Country Club

01 - these important years.
02 - charity, chastity, prudence, and hope.
03 - standing in the rain.
04 - back from somewhere.
05 - ice cold ice.
06 - you're a soldier.
07 - could you be the one!.
08 - too much spice.
09 - everytime - bed of nails.
10 - tell you why tomorrow.
11 - what's going on.
12 - chartered trips.
13 - green eyes.
14 - celebrated summer.
15 - she's a woman (and now is a man).
16 - never talking to you again.
17 - gotta lotta.
18 - hare krsna.


Husker Du - 08-06-1987 Pinkpop Festival

01 Could You Be The One.
02 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven's Hill.
03 Ice Cold Ice.
04 Eight Miles High.


Husker Du - 06-06-1987 Provinssirock, Finland

01 These Important Years.
02 Interview.
03 Everytime.
04 Interview.
05 Celebrated Summer.
06 Pink Turns To Blue.
07 Gotta Lotta.


Husker Du - 20-05-1987 Minneapolis

01 Interview
02 Could You Be The One
Live in Minneapolis

Husker Du - 27-04-1987 Joan Rivers Show

01 Intro + Could You Be The One
02 Interview
03 She's A Woman

Husker Du - 01-04-1987 Minneapolis, First Avenue, MN, US

Eighth Anniversary
night three

audience recording

1st-gen. cassette

01 These Important Years (3:44)
02 Charity, Chastity, Prudence and Hope (2:52)
03 Standing In The Rain (3:26)
04 Back From Somewhere (2:12)
05 Ice Cold Ice (4:14)
06 You're A Soldier (2:38)
07 Could You Be The One (2:20)
08 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (2:54)
09 Makes No Sense At All (2:27)
10 Everytime (2:26)
11 Visionary (2:23)
12 Terms Of Psychic Warfare (1:46)
13 Bed Of Nails (4:17)
14 Flexible Flyer (4:35)
15 Turn It Around (4:09)
[fade at end of side A]
16 Diane (4:56)
17 Hardly Getting Over It (5:30)
18 She's A Woman (and now he is a man) (2:56)
19 Up In The Air (2:49)
20 You Can Live At Home (7:28)
21 When Pink Turns To Blue (2:42)
22 Love Is All Around (2:25)
23 Statues (4:24)
[fade out - tape ran out]
24 What's Goin' On / Recurring Dreams (8:55)


Husker Du - 1987 Turn It Around

Reverse recordings of four studio tracks in which backmasking plays some role. This item is apparently unrelated to the double-7" of the same title released by MRR. Furthermore, there is scant evidence that this is anything more than a homemade tape.

01 Reoccurring Dreams.
02 The Tooth Fairy And The Princess.
03 Dreams Reoccurring.
04 Don't Know Yet.

Husker Du - 04-02-1986 Boston, Paradise

Paradise Rock Club and Bar
969 Commonwealth
01. Flip your wig (2:16)
02. Every everything (1:44)
03. Makes no sense at all (2:29)
04. Girl who lives on heaven hill (3:00)
05. I apologize (3:43)
06. If I told you (3:48)
07. Don't want to know (3:13)
08. I don't know for sure (2:28)
09. Terms of psychic warfare (1:48)
10. Powerline (2:28)
11. Books about ufo's (2:46)
12. Hardly getting over it (5:24)
13. Sorry somehow (4:31)
14. You are so square (4:37)


Husker Du - 12-1-1986 Chicago, Cabaret Metro

01 Flip your wig
02 Every everything
03 Makes no sense at all
04 The girl who lives on heaven hill
05 I apologize
06 If i told you
07 Folklore
08 I dont want to know if you are lonely
09 I dont know for sure


Husker Du - 29-09-1985 London, Electric Ballroom

From the same taper as the show on the 26th. Directly from the master tape so only 2 files. Almost same set as show from the 26th.


Bird Is The Word

Husker Du - 26-09-1985 London, Electric Ballroom

01 - flip your wig.
02 - every everything.
03 - makes no sense at all.
04 - the girl who lives on heaven hill.
05 - i apologize.
06 - if i told you.
07 - folklore.
08 - don't want to know if you are lonely.
09 - i don't know for sure.
10 - terms of psychic warfare.
11 - powerline.
12 - books about ufos.
13 - hardly getting over it.
14 - sorry somehow.
15 - broken home broken heart.
16 - diane.
17 - celebrated summer.


Bob Mould - 14-05-1985 Interview BBC TV

Husker Du - 09-08-1985 Deventer, Burgerweeshuis, The Netherlands

01 The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill.
02 I Apologize.
03 Pink Turns To Blue.
04 Ticket To Ride.


Husker Du - 14-5-1985 London, Camden Palace, UK

01 - new day rising.
02 - it's not funny anymore.
03 - everything falls apart.
04 - the girl who lives on heaven's hill.
05 - i apologize.
06 - if i told you - folk lore(1).
07 - terms of psychic warfare.
08 - powerline.
09 - books about ufo's.
10 - chartered trips.
11 - diane.
12 - celebrated summer.
13 - every everything.
14 - makes no sense at all.
15 - pink turns to blue.
16 - ticket to ride.
17 - recurring dreams.
18 - eight miles high.
19 - love is all around.


Husker Du - 11-5-1985 Trenton, City Gardens, NJ

Possible soundboard.
The set was cut short because Someone was throwing ice cubes at Grant. (May the gods let that person listen to Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand for the rest of his life without a break)

New Day Rising
It's Not Funny Any More
Everything Falls Apart
The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
I Apologize
If I Told You
Every Everything
Makes No Sense At All
Keep Hanging On
Find Me
Terms Of Psychic Warfare
Books About UFOs
Chartered Trips
Hate Paper Doll
Green Eyes
Celebrated Summer
Never Talking To You Again
Eight Miles High
Pink Turns To Blue
Love Is All Around

Husker Du - 10-1983 Zen Arcade rough mixes

Studio recording. Many tracks lack vocals. The outtake "Dozen Beats Eleven" immediately follows "Pink Turns To Blue" on the tape from which this dubbed.

01 Something I Learned Today
02 Broken Home, Broken Heart
03 Chartered Trips
04 Hare Krsna
05 Indecision Time
06 I'll Never Forget You
07 Beyond The Threshold
08 The Biggest Lie
09 Pride
10 What's Going On?
11 Masochism World
12 Standing By The Sea
13 Somewhere
14 Pink Turns To Blue
15 Turn On The News
16 Newest Industry
17 Whatever
18 Eight Miles High
19 The Tooth Fairy And The Princess
20 Recurring Dreams
21 Dozen Beats Eleven


Husker Du - 10-1983 Zen Arcade Rehearsals

The Church Studio, St Paul, MN

Accidentally recorded through an idling stylus in the studio.

01 Whatever
02 Whatever
03 Whatever
04 Whatever
05 Indecision Time
06 Somewhere
07 Dozen Beats Eleven

Length: 25 min


Husker Du - 20-12-1982 Tucson, The Rackstage, Arizona, USA

01 in a free land
02 target
03 what do i want
04 m i c
05 from the gut
06 blah, blah, blah
07 wheels
08 everything falls apart
09 it's not funny any more
10 real world
11 standing by the sea
12 deadly skies
13 out on a limb
14 bricklayer
15 tired of doing things
16 afraid of being wrong
17 strange week
18 big sky
19 ultracore
20 let's go die
21 data control
22 sunshine superman
23 statues
24 punch drunk


22 mei 2009

Husker Du - 23-7-1982 San Francisco, MaximumRockNRoll Radio

Hüsker Dü vs Naked Lady Wrestlers

Husker Du - 05-09-1981 Minneapolis, 7th St Entry

Audience tape.
01 - all tensed up.
02 - don't try to call.
03 - i'm not interested.
04 - guns at my school.
05 - push the button.
06 - gilligan's island.
07 - mtc.
08 - don't have a life.
09 - drug party.
10 - bricklayer.
11 - tired of doing things.
12 - you're naive.
13 - strange week.
14 - big sky.
15 - ultracore.
16 - let's go die.
17 - in a free land.
18 - wheels.
19 - call on me.
20 - private hell.
21 - won't say a word.
22 - diane.
23 - sexual economics.
24 - do you remember.
25 - gravity.


Husker Du - 24-07-1981 Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco

01 introduction
02 all tensed up

03 don't try to call

04 i'm not interested
05 sore eyes
06 wheels

07 private hell

08 travel in the opposite car

09 don't have a life

10 bricklayer

11 tired of doing things

12 sexual economics

13 do you remember

14 ultracore

15 let's go die

16 data control


Husker Du - 13-07-1981 Portland

Husker Du - 07-05-1980 Longhorn Bar, Minneapolis, Mn, USA

The Longhorn Bar Was located at 14 South 5th St in Minneapolis. Sometime between July and November of 1980 it was renamed Zoogies.

Pretty decent audience tape. Channel balance changes abruptly a few times. After "MTC," Bob says "We'll be back," so it seems likely that the band, per custom, played two sets. "Statues" is reprised in the encore of second set (Grant: "You're forcing us to repeat ourselves."). Grant improvises lyrics to second "Statues" in response to people rushing the stage.

Picture Of You 2:20
Don't Try To Call 2:58
What Went Wrong? 2:37
You're Too Obtuse 1:47
Put Your Past Away 2:33
Instrumental 1:40
All I've Got To Lose Is You 3:04
Industrial Grocery Store 2:36
Gilligan's Island 1:49
Uncle Ron 2:38
Push The Button 2:49
MTC 2:30
Do The Bee 2:26
Statues 5:55
Writer's Cramp 2:37
Don't Have A Life 3:40
Sexual Economics 2:20
Do You Remember? 1:54
Data Control 6:23
Lets Go Die 4:43
Statues 6:41


Hüsker Dü - Statues Sessions (1980)

Augustus 1980

Studio outtakes from Statues sessions

Blackberry Way Studio

Colin Mansfield writes:

"I was [at the Statues sessions] basically as producer. We recorded several songs, most of which
I felt were good, but 'Statues' stood out from that session. I let them go on the tune (how could I stop them? ;-)) and it was my idea to sync the echo for the ending.... [T]he actual recording was much longer [than the version that appeared on the single].... Amusement was brought in late in the sessions -- it was on a cassette that Terry Katzman had made from a show. The Huskers really liked it and we spent a lot of time (and used almost every trick we could) to make it sound good. I think we did an OK job on that. Terry got co-production credit for his part in the recording... While we didn't scrap the other songs, we all decided it would be cheaper and easier to make a two-song single rather than an EP."

Writer's Cramp
Let's Go Die


Husker Du - 1979 Northern Lights - demo

01. Picture of you
02. Can't see you anymore
03. The truth hurts
04. Do you remember
05. Sore eyes

Studio demo.

These tracks, which also appear on

the collection circulated as "Savage Young Du,"
were recorded by Colin Mansfield, who was kind
enough to provide the following background info:

"I was involved in recording most (probably all --
it's a long time ago) of the recordings made in
the basement of Northern lights. Both Greg and I
were working there (Greg in the record/head shop,
and I was setting up Twin Cities Imports in the basement). My band at the time, Fine Art, had already released an LP and was getting some radio play, and the boys (well, Greg and Grant, I think Bob was satisfied with their choice) asked me if I would record and produce some demos for them. (I owned a 4-track reel-to-reel, a mixer and mics and was more than happy to help out some friends). Anyway, the sets [on the 'Northern Lights' and 'Colin Mansfield' demos] are pretty much the same thing and while it may be of interest to collectors to separate them out, I did record more than the three tunes."


Various - Code Blue Tape (1984)

Label: Last Rites
Cat. #: Last Rites 003
Released: 1984

01. NADSAT REBEL "Nosferatu"
02. NADSAT REBEL "Bounty Hunter"
03. F.U.'S "Ode To Larry Joe" (live 7/82)
04. RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED "No Fun Till I'm 21"
06. WHITE FLAG "Festive Shapes"
07. WHITE FLAG "Paranoid"
08. WHITE FLAG "Question Of Intelligence"
09. NO RESPONSE "No Future Blues"
12. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Buy This War" (live 1/6/84)
13. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Surrogate" (live 1/6/84)
14. ARTICLES OF FAITH "In Your Suit" (live 1/6/84)
15. SUBURBAN MUTILATION "Menschen Begin"
16. DIE KREUZEN "Fuck Up"
17. DIE KREUZEN "Live Wire"
18. DIE KREUZEN "Champs"
19. OUT OF ORDER "Concerned"
20. OUT OF ORDER "Survival Of The Fittest"
22. NAKED RAYGUN "Only In America"
23. BIG BLACK "Texas" (live 11/83)
24. SACRED ORDER "You Bastards"
25. SACRED ORDER "I'm Busy Lying"
26. HÜSKER DÜ "In A Free Land" (live 12/28/82)
27. HÜSKER DÜ "Target" (live 12/28/82)
28. HÜSKER DÜ "It's Not Funny Anymore" (live 12/28/82)
29. FLESH COLUMNS "Verbal Abuse"
30. FLESH COLUMNS "Pay The Lord"

Download HERE

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VoiVod - 09-1987 Spectrum

01 Killing Technology 02:19
02 Overreaction 05:46
03 Ravenous Medicine 04:31
04 Tornado 06:12
05 Korgüll the Exterminator 05:16
06 Ripping Headaches 03:41
07 Blower 03:23
08 Live for Violence 05:15
09 Tribal Convictions 06:28
10 Order of the Blackguards 02:55
11 Cockroaches 03:38
12 To the Death! 05:10
13 Voivod 03:35
14 Batman 01:40
15 Anomalies 18:40


Voivod - 10-1986 No Speed Limit Weekend

01 Korgüll the Exterminator 06:18
02 Ripping Headaches 04:04
03 Blower 02:36
04 Fuck Off and Die 04:32
05 Tornado 05:37
06 Iron Gang 03:53
07 War and Pain 04:54
08 Warriors of Ice 04:35
09 Nuclear War 07:31
10 Overreaction 04:29
11 Helldriver 03:30
12 Ravenous Medicine 05:28
13 Voivod 03:15
14 Thrashing Rage 05:17


VoiVod - 30-11-1985 Montreal, Quebec, World War III Metal Festival

01 - intro the thing.
02 - thrashing rage.
03 - ripping headaches.
04 - warriors of ice.
05 - korgull the exterminator.
06 - condemned to the gallows.
07 - fuck off and die.
08 - helldriver.
09 - to the death.

VoiVod - 12-1984 Morgoth Invasion

01 Build Your Weapons 04:43
02 War and Pain 06:25
03 Condemned to the Gallows 04:53
04 Warriors of Ice 05:07
05 Helldriver 03:57
06 Horror 03:53
07 Black City 05:33
08 Nuclear War 06:32
09 Blower 03:05
10 Live for Violence 06:45
11 Ripping Headaches 03:13
12 Iron Gang 04:19
13 Korgull the Exterminator 04:50
14 Suck Your Bone 04:26
15 Witching Hour (Venom cover) 02:51
16 Chemical Warfare (Slayer cover) 06:18


VoiVod - 01-1984 To The Death - demo

01 Voivod
02 Condemned to the Gallows
03 Hell Driver
04 Live for Violence
05 War and Pain
06 Incantation
07 Buried Alive (Venom cover)
08 Suck You Bone
09 Blower
10 Slaugher in a Grave
11 Nuclear War
12 Black City
13 Iron Gang
14 Evil (Mercyful Fate cover)
15 Bursting Out (Venom cover)
16 Warriors of Ice


VoiVod - 24-2-1983 Anachronism (Live Demo)

01 Voivod 03:50
02 Black Metal (Venom) 03:32
03 Struck by Lightning (Tank) 03:10
04 Eye of the Storm (Sweet Savage) 03:25
05 Angel Dust (Venom) 02:17
06 Ace of Spades (Motörhead) 02:34
07 Witching Hour (Venom) 02:38
08 Chainsaw (Raven) 04:29
09 Condemned to the Gallows 05:07
10 Rapid Fire (Judas Priest) 03:43
11 Heart of Stone (Motörhead) 02:46
12 Leave Me in Hell (Venom) 03:23
13 Treason (A II Z) 03:12
14 Killing Time (Sweet Savage) 02:39
15 Stay Clean (Motörhead) 02:41
16 Welcome to Hell (Venom) 03:33
17 Blower 03:01
18 Steeler (Judas Priest) 04:07
19 Gunslinger (Budgie) 04:25
20 Stone Deaf Forever (Motörhead) 05:01
21 Voivod 03:56
22 Anomalies 00:58


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Hellwitch - Complete Discography

HELLWITCH arose from the depths in October of 1984. Founding members Patrick Ranieri and Harry Tiyler recorded the first demo, a one track venture, in the living room of their apartment in Gainesville, Florida. The track, Nosferatu, consisted of Pat on all guitars, and Harry on drums (i.e. a seat cushion and a textbook) and vocals. Pat composed the music and the two of them penned the lyrics.

Download "Nosferatu" demo.

In February 1985 Dave Silverstein and Andy Adcock joined the HELLWITCH ranks; Pat took on vocals and bass as well as guitar, Andy became the bassist/guitarist, and Dave replaced Harry on "drums". The band's first show was on July of 1985, opening for a local punk band, ROACH MOTEL. Over the course of that year, HELLWITCH gained a large local following and opened for such bands as Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C.), D.R.I. and Agnostic Front. Over the next 2-3 years HELLWITCH grew as one of Florida's death metal pioneers playing with various established bands such as ANTHRAX, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, D.R.I, KREATOR, DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL, DEATH, DARK ANGEL, CORONER, G.B.H., NASTY SAVAGE, and ATHEIST. HELLWITCH recorded their first studio demo entitled Transgressive Sentience in January 1986. The demo features Torture Chamber, Satan's Wrath, Nosferatu, and the instrumental epic, Fate At Pain's End.

Download "Transgressive Sentience" demo.

A remixed version of Torture Chamber appears on a compilation LP on New Renaissance Records entitled Thrash
Metal Attack, released in July 1987.

Download "Torture Chamber" (Thrash Metal Attack version)

The band's second studio demo, Mordirivial Disemanation, released in June 1987, contains four tracks, Purveyor Of Fear, Pyrophoric Seizure, Degeneration, and a newer version of Nosferatu.

Download "Mordirivial Disemanation" demo.

In July of 1988, Pat relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and began auditioning bassists and drummers. A new line-up consisting of Pat on guitars and vocals, Frank Watkins on bass, and Steve Rincon on drums, released a rehearsal/demo in March of 1989. It features the tracks Mordirivial Disemanation, Viral Exogence, and a cover of DEATH's
immortal "ARCHANGEL". Soonafter, Pat decided that the level of musicianship left much to be desired. At that point, Pat recruited drummer Joe "Witch" Schnessel, and bassist Jesse Trevino. In June 1989, Flight 19 Records released a 7 inch single featuring two tracks from the "M.D." demo. That release quickly sold out. Around August 1989 Jesse was replaced by bassist Tommy Mouser. In October 1989, HELLWITCH approached Wild Rags Records and negotiated for the release of the band's first full length LP, Syzygial Miscreancy. The album, released in December of 1990, contains 7 songs including Viral Exogence, Mordirivial Disemanation, and Sentient Transmography. The LP was recorded at Morrisound Studios with veteran producer Scott Burns and has sold over 10,000 copies world wide.

Download "Syzygial Miscreancy" album

In late 1990, the band added Jim Nickles as second guitarist and completed successful tours of New Jersey and made an appearance at the 1990 Milwaukee Metal Fest. In February of 1991, Jesse Trevino returned to the band, Jim left the band and a very successful 4 date tour of Texas shortly followed. In late 1991 HELLWITCH acquired a new second guitarist, Craig Shattuck. A 3 song E.P. was recorded in August 1991 at Morrisound for Wild Rags. The Terraasymmetry E.P. contains the title track, Dawn of Apostasy, and a remake of the 1986 demo classic Satan's Wrath. This work, released in 1992 on Lethal Records (RIP OFFS!), showed just how extreme the level of song composition had become. Terraasymmetry sold 4,000 copies worldwide.

Download "The Terraasymmetry " EP.

In March of 1992, Joe "Witch" Schnessel left the band, but briefly returned in 1993 before finally departing for good. Jesse then moved to Texas and Craig moved to the bassist position. The band cut all ties with Wild Rags
Records in September of 1992 after bogus sales figures were found to be reported. After having problems finding a suitable replacement for Joe over the next year, Craig lost interest and Pat was left alone. In early 1994 Pat found drummer Joel Suarez and the Anthropophagi demo was soon recorded with Pat playing all instruments except for drums. In November of 1994 the Anthropophagi demo was released. It contains 5 songs including At Rest, Days of Nemesis, Torture Chamber and a reworked, non-instrumental version of the classic '86 demo track, Fate At Pain’s End. It has sold around 1500 copies to date.

Download "Anthropophagi" demo.

Around the time of this release, J.P. Brown joined as second guitarist and Craig also rejoined. In early 1995 Joel decided he was sick of d
eath metal and wanted to join a rap band. After many months of looking, Gabe Lewandowski was recruited as drummer. The members worked profusely on new material that would secure them a new record deal. In late 1996 HELLWITCH signed with Nazgul's Eyrie Productions for the release of the next CD. Due to the distance between Gabe and the rest of the band (3 hour drive!) an enormous strain was put on the relationship. Some of the newest songs were Final Approach, Epitome of Disgrace, and Mythologicalies (Enlightened Paganus). Rehearsal versions of the newest songs were recorded but were never properly captured in a studio setting. After a year of writing/rehearsing and numerous delays concerning the new recording, things reached a point where no one was really happy. The band split again in 1997. On Halloween 1998 the last line up reformed and played a show with Deicide and Acheron in Hallandale, FL.

Download "Live Hallendale" live demo.

The band remained split from then until early 2004. Around February 2004 Joe "Witch" and Pat re-established contact and began to practice the old songs just for fun whenever either had some free time. Soon, things became more serious and around April 2004 Craig was asked to rejoin on bass. The band played their first show in 6 years on July 24th, 2004 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. with Malevolent Creation and Divine Empire. Around September 2004 , J.P. Brown rejoined as 2nd guitarist. That month the band also played again with Deicide. In 2005 HELLWITCH worked on 5 songs for a new demo. The recording featured the tracks, Final Approach, Epitome Of Disgrace, Opiatic Luminance and Mythologicalies (Enlightened Paganus).

Download "2005 Promo" demo.

Aside from everything, the truth remains that HELLWITCH was in fact a pioneer in the underground death metal scene and shall always be recognized as an innovative and uncompromising force in music.


Pat Ranieri - Guitar/Vocals

Craig Shattuck - Bass

J. P. Brown - Guitar

Alex Marquez - Drums

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