20 juni 2009

Brotherhood - Words Run... As Thick As Blood (1989)

crucial response records
crr 007

BeerBong - Murder Party 2006

01 Plug & Play
02 Gravity
03 Rainbow Eyes
04 Black Box
05 Just A Seeker
06 Back To The Core
07 Why_
08 Murder Party
09 Always
10 Perfect Day
11 No Place Left To Hide
12 Deny
13 Open Season
14 Dark Feelings


BeerBong - BeerBong 2004

01 Never Be Like You
02 My Shorts
03 Superhero
04 Space
05 Rebound
06 Ordinary LIfe
07 Out Of Line
08 Bad Days
09 Fields Of Gold
10 Busy
11 From Father To Son
12 No Reason
13 In The Middle
14 Two Sixty


Beerbong - Business Called Fun 2001

01 Intro
02 Business Called Fun
03 Empty Words
04 Easy
05 Scarred
06 Mind Rewinder
07 Things You Said


BeerBong - Fast And Comfortable 1999

BeerBong is an Italian Melodic hardcore band, formed in 1995 and originally based in Gorizia.

* Lorenzo - vocals
* Paolo - drums

* Max - guitar

* Federico - guitar

* Alan - bass

01 Fallen Down Wall

02 Nothing

03 Smiley Camera

04 Double Personality

05 Eight Days A Week

06 Take My Breath

07 Stomp

08 Lonely Day

09 Jeffrey

10 Against Myself

11 Icons

12 All Of Me

13 Forget You

14 Sometimes


Alone In A Crowd - Alone In A Crowd 1989

Executive Producer - Anthony Drago

Producer, Engineer - Don Fiori

Recorded at Don Fury Studio, New York

Nov. - Dec. 1988.

Mastered at K-Disc, CA.

The second pressing of this 7" has "Second Edition" typed at the top of the back cover.

A1 Is Anybody There?
A2 Commitment

B1 Who You Know

B2 When Tigers Fight
B3 Teenager In A Box -Government Issue

C1 Is Anybody There?
C2 Commitment

D1 Who You Know

D2 When Tigers Fight
D3 Teenager In A Box -Government Issue

Sides C + D are recorded live


7 Seconds - The Crew (1984)

Label: Better Youth Organization
Catalog#: BYO 005
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: 1984

First pressing in blue/black sleeve.
Subsequent pressings in
red/black sleeve.
Also pressed on red and blue vinyl (300 copies of each colour.)

Here's Your Warning
Definite Choice
Not Just Boys Fun
This Is The Angry Part 2
Straight On
You Lose
What If There's War In America
The Crew
Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
Aim To Please
Young Till I Die
Red & Black
I Have A Dream


S.O.A - No Policy EP (1981)

State Of Alert

When The Extorts broke up, their singer, Lyle Preslar, started playing guitar with Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson in what would become Minor Threat, and the other three Extorts joined up with Henry Garfield (Rollins) to form State of Alert (SOA).

The two bands debuted together in Washington, DC at a house party opening for The Untouchables, Black Market Baby, and the Bad Brains in December of 1980.

SOA brought a new level of aggression to the music, and it reflected well the mood of many of the kids in the young DC punk scene.
In the early part of 1981, the bands and kids were being kicked out of clubs, and the attempts to play shows in other spaces were often ended by a
visit from the police.

SOA and Minor Threat had a bit of a rivalry going, not only because there were ex-bandmates, but because Henry and Ian had been best friends for years. When The Teen Idles' record came out it was decided that any money that came back in would be used to put out another DC band's record.

SOA was not interested in waiting, however, so Henry put up his own money to put out the 10-song "No Policy" 7". In June of 1981, SOA played their last show, opening for Black Flag in Philadelphia at a show that ended in a riot. A few days later Henry got on a bus to meet up with Black Flag again, but this time it was to join the band.

Bass - Wendel Blow
Drums - Simon Jacobsen

Guitar - Michael Hampton

Vocals - Henry Garfield

Engineer - Don Zientara

Producer - Skip Groff

Lost In Space
Draw Blank
Girl Problems
Gate Crashers
Gang Fight
Public Defender
Gonna Have To Fight


Francois Leguat - Den Seltsaamen Aap (1708)

Francois Leguat
Den Seltsaamen Aap (1708)

White Flag + F - Peace (1986)

Label: Starving Missile

Catalog#: SCHROTT 032

Format: Split-LP

Country: Germany

Released: 1986

A side recorded live Madison Square Garden, Phoenix Arizona.

B side recorded live at Flynn's, Miami Florida.

A1 White Flag Flipside (2:56)
A2 White Flag Middle Class Hell (2:49)
A3 White Flag Festive Shapes Rides Again (1:17)
A4 White Flag You've Got A Problem (2:23)
A5 White Flag At The Mountains Of Madness (2:56)
A6 White Flag There's A Place (2:16)

Written-By - Lennon* , Mc Cartney*
A7 White Flag Pieces Of Chris Trent (2:44)
A8 White Flag Burnout / Pseudo Intellectual (3:22)

Written-By - Jeff Mc Donald* , Steve Mc Donald*
B1 F (2) Rotting Away (2:55)
B2 F (2) Attack (3:49)
B3 F (2) Shoot It Down (2:54)
B4 F (2) To Protect And Serve (1:58)

Written-By - Jello B. Afro , Pat Fear
B5 F (2) The War Is Over (3:48)
B6 F (2) No Fun (4:54)

Written-By - Stooges*


Make Your Flowers Happy !!!

Various - Friesland Pop Promosingle 7 1993

N.A.I. stood for No Anal Intercourse and was Friesland's answer to bands such as Victims Family. Only these guys were 15 or 16 when they won the Kleine Prijs Van Sneek contest and I totally agreed with that.
Hideous Sun Demons were one of the less frisian Grungebands formed out of the ashes of bands such as Incursion Dementia and Lunacy.
The Mayhem was a hip hop crew from Sneek (?).

As I know as much of frisian hip hop as a cat of baking pancakes I leave it to mentioning them.

01 N.A.I. - Dinges 5
02 N.A.I. - I'm Bored.
03 N.A.I. - Piemel
04 Hideous Sun Demons - Majority
05 The Mayhem - M.A. why aids E.M.


@nother 3y3b4ll Rip

Ancestral Sin - Feel It Erupt (1992)

From Veenwouden and around that town came Ancestral Sin, one of the few Straight Edge bands Friesland knew around that time. Hardcore heroes from the early nineties.

Jake - Vocals
Shantia - Bass
Klaas - Guitar
Foeco - Drums

01. Set Up Scene 00:57
02. Invest To Infest 01:52
03. Increasing Indepence 02:13
04. Instrumetal 01:55
05. Authorities Set Us Back 02:03
06. Operation Dollar Storm 00:57
07. Messed Up Forever 01:44
08. Lunatic Society 01:34
09. Why Do You Hate Me? 02:10
10. Manipulated Minds 01:44
11. Slaves Of Satan, Disciples Of God 01:52


@nother 3y3b4ll Rip

Intolerant - Are Friends Intolerant (1998)

This band is special to me as they are very good friends of mine from way back in the early 90's. Marc and Ronnie were already active in bands such as N.O.I.S. (No One Is Safe) and Necrology. If I had to label this album it's Psychedelic Powerpop that coms to mind. If you like powerpop you must have this !!!

01 Love & Intolerance

02 Too Late

03 Ride In Moonlight

04 Don´t Believe In Love

05 Calling Out Your Name
06 Florentine
07 The Closed Mind

08 Water Burns

09 Lunakiks

10 The Memory´s fading

11 All I Want

12 Beer

13 Vacuum Mind
14 Butter Aus Holland


19 juni 2009

Lama - Nimetön (Johanna 1981)

Lama was one of the first punkbands in Finland. They split up in December '82, the farewell gig held at Lepakkoluola. Johanna records released LAMA's farewell 45 a half a year after they split up. That was followed by a 12" comp of their singles.

The full Lama Discography included:

* Demo (1980)
* Totuus loytyy kaurapuurosta 7" EP (1980)

* Valiaikainen EP (1981)

* Nimeton 7" EP (1981)
* S/T LP (1982) [15]
* Ajatuksen loppu / mun pelko 7" EP (1983)
* Live at the 100 club, London 22-12-1981
* Live Lepakko 9-Oct-1982

01 Nimetn.
02 Ainoo Lajissaan.

03 Jeesukset.


Various - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland vol. 01

01 - rudi-time to be proud
02 - ruefrex-the perfect crime

03 - midnite cruiser-rich bitch

04 - electro motive force-conscious
05 - electro motive force-wanted

06 - ex-producers-this system is here
07 - androids-bondgae in belfast
08 - protex-i wonder why
09 - victim-the teen age
10 - the detonators-cruisin
11 - ex-producers-behind the door

12 - pretty boy floyd and the gems-sharon
3 - the doubt-fingers
14 - the doubt-lookaway

15 - the defect-guilty conscience

16 - xdreamysts-the heat is on

17 - moondogs-you said
18 - midnite cruiser-striker


Various - Bloodstains Across The Northwest

01 alberto y los trios paranoias - kill
02 the fall - industrial estate
03 the nosebleeds - ain't bin to no music school
04 accident on the east lancs - we want it legalised
05 slaughter & the dogs - where have all the boot boys gone
06 the buzzcocks - peking hooligan
07 the drones - bone idol
08 fast cars - the kids just wanna dance
09 the panik - modern politics
10 the frantic elevators - voice in the dark
11 warsaw - shadowplay
12 magazine - permafrost
13 the fall - psycho mafia
14 pete shelley - oh, maxine
15 the nosebleeds - fascist pigs
16 slaughter & the dogs - cranked up really high
17 the violators - summer of '81
18 the drones - corgi crap
19 joy division - she's lost control
20 john cooper clarke - kung fu international
21 a certain ratio -all night party
22 the frantic elevators - hunchback
23 flag of convenience - drowned in your heartache
24 alberto y los trio paranoias - gobbing on life


Various - Bloodstains Across Spain

01 Espasmodicos - Enciendes Tu Motor (82)
02 Paralisis Permanente - Un Dia En Texas (82)
03 Kaka De Luxe - La Pluma Electrica (78)
04 Vulpe SS - Inkisicion (83)
05 TNT - Guernika (83)
06 La Polla Records - Y Ahora Que (82)
07 Kangrena - Agonia (83)
08 Siniestro Total - Purdey (82)
09 PVP - Miedo (82)
10 Interterror - Felices Dias En Auschwitz (83)
11 Eskorbuto - Mi Degeneracion (83)
12 Ultimo Resorte - Johnny Mofeta (82)
13 KGB - Luftwaffe (83)
14 La Uvi - La Policia (82)
15 Decibelios - Botas y Tirantes (83)
16 Codigo Neurotico - Las Malvinas (83)
17 Desechables - La Oracion (83)


Lama - Totuus Löytyy Kaurapuurosta (Johanna 1980)

01 Totuus Lytyy Kaurapuurosta
02 Bussi
03 Rahaa


Beavis & Butthead Meet Fod (oart 1)


Flys - The Flys EP [1978]

They had been around since the mid seventies in the guise of Midnight Circus but with the times a changing however, they wisely changed their name to the more punkish' The Flys'. Ironically they were signed by EMI who had rejected them as Midnight Circus!

As opposed to the more traditional 1234 buzzsaw style of punk The Flys come at it from a different angle while still retaining the sense of urgency. Sounding like the Cure or vice versa on the brilliantly entitled single Love & Molotov Cocktail / Can I Crash Here / Civilization (1978 EMI). Try also Waikiki Beach Refugees / We Don't Mind The Rave (1978 EMI). By then not a trace of punk as we know it Jim but catchy. In fact listen to it closely and hell, they could have flogged it to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers! For what its worth Neil O'Connor was Hazel O'Connor's brother. Wow!

A steady release of singles and an album saw them veer towards a Mod-ish look & sound. But with increasingly diminishing returns 1980 saw them call it a day.

Here is an EP from 1978.

A1 can i crash here
A2 me and my buddies
A3 just for your sex
B1 saturday sunrise
B2 love and a molotov cocktail


Flys - Love And A Molotov Coctail (7'' 1978)

Love And A Molotov Coctail

Two fingers poking at the world
One golden rule, no rules at all
Two fingers been poised down on to you
You better make sure they got something to do
Two fingers now what a surprise
Mama can't believe what happens before her eyes
Her little darling once so small
Never could believe you'd grow up at all

Well do we miss you, Yes we do
Father sends his regards to you
Will I write well once in while
I'll send my love and a Molotov cocktail...

Label: EMI Records
Catalog#: EMI 2747
Format: 7" EP
Country: UK
Released: 1978

David Freeman - Guitar, Vocals
Neil O
'Connor - Vocals & Guitar
Joe Hughes - Bass
Pete King - Drums

* Love & Molotov Cocktail
* Can I Crash Here
* Civilization


Speedtwins - Concert t.b.v. Bootvluchtelingen

01 - modern dancing
02 - cages
03 - midnight
04 - side show
05 - wounded
06 - obsession


18 juni 2009

Speedtwins - Blackmail 1979

A: Blackmail
B: Bomb In The Jukebox

Speedtwins was formed towards the end of 1977 and started as a punkrock band. Line up from the start was

Jodie Daniël - vocals
Nico Groen - drums
Leen Barbier - guitar
Vera Groen - vocals + high heels

Jackie - bass

They released their debut-album ‘It's More Fun To Compete’ in 1977, using obscure aliases like Meen Ling, Trix, Helen Heels, Jailbait Jacki and Jody. With a rough sound and live S&M/bondage-like stage-act
Speedtwins had quite an impact on the Dutch punkscene. This resulted in a tour with the Sex Pistols (amongst others) and lots of sold out headlining gigs.The band also released their heavy punk version of The Who’s classic 'My Generation' as a single, later followed by a second single 'Football Song' , which was released early 1978. The song was meant as a funny yet cynical protest against the World Soccer Championships in Argentinia that same year. It soon became a classic punk anthem and together with their album ‘It’s More Fun To Compete’ Speedtwins have gained international cult status over the years. Even today there are still Speedtwins fans in countries like Japan and Brazil.


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