9 mei 2009

Surfin Bird...

VPRO Piknik

01 Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die [16-7-70 Bio Vakantieoord, Bergen Aan Zee].
02 Michael Chapman - Mozart Lives Upstairs [16
-7-70 Bio Vakantieoord, Bergen Aan Zee].
03 Sweet Smoke - Mirrors [13-8-70 Heidepark, Driebergen].

04 Ccc Inc - Midnight Special [13-8-70 Heidepark, Driebergen].

05 Cochese - The 59'th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) [13-8-70 Heidepark, Driebergen].

06 Canned Heat - [10-9-70 (Laatste Piknik) Kasteel Groeneveld - Baarn].

07 Canned Heat - [Arcen (Campus)].

08 Canned Heat - Let's Work Together [Arcen (Campus)].
09 Richie Havens - Minstrel Came Down From God [De Promers, Naarden (Piknik)].

10 Richie Havens - Gonna Die Blues [De Promers, Naarden (Piknik)].

11 Cuby And The Blizzards - Night Train [Camping Stania State, Unkerke (Friesland)].

12 Cuby And The Blizzards - Five Long Years [Camping Stania State, Unkerke (Friesland)].

13 Cuby And The Blizzards - Simple Man [C
amping Stania State, Unkerke (Friesland)].
14 Brainbox - [1-7-71 (1e Campus)].

15 Brainbox - Baby What You Want Me To Do [1-7-71 (1eCampus)].

16 Slade - Hear Me Calling [1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].

17 Slade - Know Who You Are, Know Where You're Going To [1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].
18 Slade - Sweet Little Rock & Roller [1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].

19 Slade - Know Who You Are,Sweet Box [1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].

20 Slade - Get Down & Get With It [1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].
21 Dr.John - Gris Gris [2-7-70 Ruïne Van B
rederode, Velsen].
22 Dr.John - I Walking On Guilded Splinters [2-7-70 Ruïne Van Brederode, Velsen].

23 Dr.John - Mama Roux [2-7-70 Ruïne Van Brederode, Velsen].

24 Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself [10-9-70 (Laatste Piknik) Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn].
25 Slade - Born To Be Wild
[Alleen aankondiging en begin, 1-7-70 Dijkschatsbos, Wieringerwerf].
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What shall I put on my recordplayer eh eh ehhhhhhh

Frank Zappa - Uddel VPRO Piknik 18-6-1970

June 18, 1970

Frank Zappa - guitar & vocals
Mark Volman - vocals

Howard Kaylan - vocals

Jeff Simmons - bass & vocals

George Duke - keyboards

Ian Underwood - keyboards & alto sax

Aynsley Dunbar - drum

01 Sil
ence Fools!.
02 Frank Zappa Interview & Band Intro
03 Wonderful Wino

04 Concentration Moon

05 Mom & Dad
06 The Air
07 Dog Breath

08 Mother People
09 You
Didn't Try To Call Me
10 Agon 11 Call Any
12 King Kong Pt. 1

13 Igor's Boogie
14 King Kong Pt. 2

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Traffic - Boston Tea Party 7-6-1970

01 Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring.
02 Every Mother's Son.
03 Medicated Goo.
04 John Barleycorn.
05 Pearly Queen.
06 Stanger To Himself.
06 Talking on stage.
07 Empty Pages.
08 40,000 Headmen.
09 Glad + Freedom Rider.
10 Feeling Good.
11 Audience.

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8 mei 2009

This film was the very first theatrical release to receive an R rating from the then-new MPAA's film rating system.

Thieves fall out when over a half million dollars goes missing after the daring and carefully planned robbery of the Los Angeles Coliseum during a football game, each one accusing the other of having the money.

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The Vores - 1978 Love Canal E.P (Family Only Rec.)

Country: USA
Year: 1978
Label: Family Only

Format: 7″

Love Canal.

So Petite.
Get Outta My Way.
Amateur Surgeon.


Revenge of the Stolen Stars (1985)

Director: Ulli Lommel Klaus kinski plays the ghost of Duncan McBride, murdered owner of a plantation and ruby mine on the island of Sunanow, in the South China sea. The mine, and the Curse which killed his uncle, are inherited by the inept Gene who comes from San Francisco to look for the Six Stars, (missing rubies) accompanied by the lovely Kelly Scanlon and persued by the villanous Alex and Lupe.

Suzanna Love ... Kelly
Barry Hickey ... Gene Mc Bride
Klaus Kinski ... Donald McBride

Ulli Lommel ... Max Stern
Kitty O'Shea ... Lupe

Director Ulli Lommel was unsure about casting Klaus Kinski, but he met him and Kinski was very nice, according to Lommel. But when the filming started, Kinski was very hard to work with. He complained about the lights and microphones, so eventually they had only few soft lights and very small microphones in the Kinski scenes, which is the reason why the sound quality changes much in different shots. Kinski also didn't want to sit on a chair when camera crew was about to shoot from different angle, so continuity wasn't possible. Because of that Lommel decided to change Kinski's character to a ghost, which was a brilliant idea in Kinski's opinion. Later he was so happy with the director that he said he doesn't work in the future with anyone else than Lommel, but Lommel's answer was simply "Yeah, right".

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Outsiders - Lyin All The Time

7 mei 2009

Various - 1991 Friesland Pop Promosingle 4

A1 Ford 5000 - Well I Say (2:34)
A2 Megakronkel - Mega Maggie (2:30)

B1 Dust Devil - Chimes Of Paranoia (3:47)

Viva Mexico

In case you thought Mexico is Drug kartels and swine flu think again......
Click Picture for more of beautiful Mexico

Byrds - Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, California 02-11-1968

The Byrds
Avalon Ballroom,
San Francisco,
November 2 1968

01 Old Blue
02 My Back Pages / Baby What You Want Me To Do
03 Mr Spaceman
04 Time Between
05 Goin' Back
06 Blue Suede Shoes
07 He Was A Friend Of Mine
08 So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
09 Drug Store Truck Driving Man
10 This Wheel's On Fire
11 Stanley's Song
12 Pretty Boy Floyd
13 Eight Miles High
14 You Don't Miss Your Water
15 So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
16 Hickory Wind
17 King Apathy III
18 Bad Night At The Whiskey
19 Nashville West


Sempiternal Deathreign - The Spooky Gloom (1989)

1. Creep-O-Rama 08:47
2. Resurrection Cemetery 02:16

3. Devestating Empire Towards Humanity 10:53
4. Dying Day 05:23
5. Unperceptive Life 01:55

6. The Spooky Gloom 06:02

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Sempiternal Deathreign - Creepshow (1988)

Early underground Death/Doom act from The Netherlands that has almost completely disappeared into oblivion. Raw Death/Doom-metal with a lot of pure Death-metal influences. The band was actually one of the earliest Death/Doom acts around, and in the vein of those early Death/Doom pioneers, still sounded a lot more raw and "death-ish" than later Death/Doom acts did. Hard to find and very obscure these days.

1. Devastating Empire Towards Humanity 07:25
2. Parathyphoid 02:15
3. Haircut 88/Inferior Thalidomide 02:20
4. Unperceptive Life 00:50
5. Semp Attack 00:20

Total playing time 13:09

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6 mei 2009

Byrds - Monterey International Pop Festival 17-6-1967

The Byrds
Monterey International Pop Festival
Monterey, CA 17-6-1967

1) Renaissance Fair (David Crosby / Roger McGuinn)
2) Have You Seen Her Face (Chris Hillman) 3) Hey Joe (Where You Gonna Go) (Billy Roberts) 4) He Was A Friend Of Mine (Roger McGuinn) 5) Lady Friend (David Crosby) 6) Chimes Of Freedom (Bob Dylan) 7) So You Want To Be A Rock’N’Roll Star ( Roger McGuinn / Chris Hillman)
Roger McGuinn
: Vocals, Electric Lead Guitar, Banjo

David Crosby
: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Chris Hillman
: Vocals, Bass, Mandolin

Michael Clarke: Drums Percussion
Hugh Masekela
: Trumpet on “So You Want To Be A Rock’N’Roll Star"

Big Black
: Percussion on “So You Want To Be A Rock’N’Roll Star"


Nuclear Assault - 1985 Live Suffer Die (demo)

01 live, suffer, die
02 radiation sickness
03 betrayal
04 demolition
05 hang the pope

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Nuclear Assault - 1984 Back With A Vengeance (demo)

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Butthole Surfers - San Antonio 2/7-5-1982

Butthole Surfers
*unknown venue*

San Antonio,

June, 1982


Quinn Matthews (drums),
Scott Matthews (bass)

11 of the 16 songs have never been released. It is the only known recording with the Matthews brothers rhythm section. The performance is really great. The quality is surprisingly good...a solid B+

DOA is a Bloodrock cover and was a staple of the early sets. The rest of the songs are originals. 'Desert' was resurrected for the 2002 shows, here it is in its original form. The songs that are parenthesized are working titles for unknown songs. If you happen to know the actual titles, please help out!

01 Matchstick
02 BBQ Pope

03 (urban usa)

04 D.O.A (Bloodrock)

05 (i took a look around)

06 Desert

07 I Hate My Job

08 Negro Observer

09 White, Dumb, Ugly & Poor

10 Hypochondriac

11 (werewolves)

12 Butthole Surfer

13 I Don't Know Why

14 Holyman

15 (time to go)

16 Mexican Caravan


Various - Estrus Gearbox

Estrus Records

3 x Vinyl, 7" Box Set

ES 730

A1 Cheater Slicks Cheater Slicks (1:51)
Fastbacks Hot Rods To Heaven (2:03)
Gas Huffer Road Runnah (2:11)
Huevos Rancheros Burrito
Grande Prix (1:47)

S 731

M-80's, The '57 Nomad (2:30)
Mono Men Warm Piston (2:42)
Marble Orchard Nova '69 (1:35)
Mortals, The Nitroglycerin (3:47)

ES 732

Muffs, The Brand New Chevy (2:47)
Nomads, The Boss Hoss (2:13)
Untamed Youth SS 396 (2:33)
F2 Vacant Lot, The Cheater, Cheater (1:34)

Download The Gearbox HERE !!!

Abortion Squad - Demo 1983

01. Guilty
02. Abortion Squad
03. The End
04. Kill Me, Kill Me
05. Red Alert
06. Brain damage
07. Combat Boys
08. You Make Me Sick
09. Pledge Allegiance
10. Fight
11. Time Bomb
12. F**k You Ronnie
13. No Authority No Rules
14. Your Kind
15. Direct Assault
16. One of Them
17. Cut 'em to Pieces
18. Stupid Jerk
19. Youth Attack
20. Lenny Breznhev
21. Crime Wave


Various - Unquestionably Late For The Trend EP

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The Jesus Lizard & Nirvana - Split 7'' (1993)

A) Jesus Lizard - Puss

B) Nirvana - Oh The Guilt

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5 mei 2009

Rotzkotz - Complete Discography

Rotzkotz was formed in 1977 in Hannover, Germany by Horst Illing (Vocals, Guitar) and Ernst-August Wehmer (Vocals),
Guitarist and founder Dieter Runge went to New York to see the NY Niggers play there.
In 1979 th
ey go to the Uk to record "Much Funny" their debut album.

"Much Funny"

In 1980 the group signs a contract with EMI but after that label remi
xes a song without letting the band know (the "Problem/ Kein Problem" EP) they aren't that happy with EMI anymore.

"Problem/ Kein Problem" EP

In 1982 they released another album "Lebensfroh & Farbenfroh". On this album we also find out what they think of their label: "Tante EMI".
From time to time Horst Illing performs with diff
erent musicians under the name Rotzkotz, sometimes together with E.A. Wehmer.

"Lebensfroh & Farbenfroh"

Bad Religion & Noam Chomsky - 1991 New World Order War #1

Label: Maximumrocknroll
Format: Vinyl, 7"
Country: US
Released: 1991

This 7" was released by the US magazine Maximumrocknroll to protest the first Gulf War. The 7" comes with a big poster cover including articles on the war and the Gulf region and its history.

A1 Bad Religion - Heaven Is Falling
A2 Bad Religion - Fertile Crescent
B1 Noam Chomsky - Political Analysis


MOG - Radio Rock EP (1987)

Muziekvereniging Ons Genoegen HC Punk band from Leeuwarden. Operated around the Utopia coffeeshop, the oldest coffeeshop of the Netherlands that still exists. This is without a doubt one of the best releases ever made in the frisian capitol.

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