28 mei 2009

Various - Rokk Í Reykjavík (1982)

Original compilation album to a TV documentary.
Directed by Friðrik þór Friðriksson.
Based on the icelandic punk/new wave scene.

Download includes 4 clips from the original VHS tape !!!

(LP 1 only. Still looking for the 2nd LP !!! )

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Absolut fantastic blog. A really good job especially with all the information you've write. My respect for this incredible work.

    Now to what unpleasant. The lyric of the song Anti is definitly racist. I do not want to say that the band is because I have too little information available.

    Now what might positives. You have the ask after the second LP at the Posing of Rokk Í Reykjavík compilation.
    I've surfed a littel bit and I did it find as mp3 from another blog. If you are interested leave a message here. Then I send you a link to download. Should I send The Link to the gmail-adress then? Have you any Question ask?

    With anarchist regards

    Nestor Makhno

  2. Yo Nestor.

    As far as I can remember listening to Wehrmacht, I even saw them once on stage, I never got the idea they were racists. I checked the lyrics and will include them. Can't find anything racist in the song...

    Anti :

    You say you know, and hear what is new
    You're on top of the scene, a regular "Shoe"
    What's all this fuss, does it matter at all?
    Who's better than who? Make others feel small
    You're not too much, more of a stud
    Than all those folks, you flick so much crud . . .

    It's just a game taht all people play
    To be better than you, that's what they'll say
    I don't really casre, you're as equal as me,
    No one is better, I wish they could see
    We are all the stuck here on this merry-go-round
    This hell-hole called life, worst pit I have found
    Learn that you're equal, the same as rest,
    you're not so great, stop thinking you're the best!

    ANTI - Down with this
    ANTI - Down with that
    ANTI - You don't like this
    ANTI - You don't like that

    [Solo: M.S.]

    ANTI - You think you're the best
    ANTI - Fuck all the rest
    ANTI - You think you're so cool
    ANTI - You're really a fool

    [Solo: J.D.]

    Maybe I overlook something... Thanks in any way for your reply. That's appreciated a lot.




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